Quantum X

The world’s First Upright Vacuum

with water filtration


Water filtration is the most effective way to clean your home. Meet the Quantum X


No Filters

Traditional Vacuums have HEPA, paper, foam, or even sponge filters. The Quantum filters dirt through its unique water filter. Just empty the water for a fresh, good-as-new filter that never clogs & unstoppable airflow every time.

Wet or Dry

Wet and Dry messes are no problem for The Quantum! Any surface, hardwood, tile, carptet.


Air Purifer

Because we use water as a filter, only clean, purified air flows out! The built-in timer lets you purify the air in your home in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours and will shut off automatically.

Microsilver Technology

3rd Party Studies from the largest testing lab in the world. The Quantum reduces germs, bacteria, viruses & fungi over 99%

Air Pump & Blower

As if a wet & dry vacuum and air purifier wasn’t enough..the Quantum can also function as a leaf blower and inflator!


For over 5,000 years, aromatherapy has been a trusted practice among cultures spanning the globe to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Add essential oils into the water basin while you purify the air.  


Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi Killed

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Year Warranty

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Why Water Filtration

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What is Microsilver?

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Put it to good use on a carpet that was neglected and riddled with dog hair. This vacuum is amazing. I should have got a video of the sludge it picked up. Unreal!

– Matthew J.

Hands down the best machine I have ever had. Love the way it cleans not only ur floors but the air you breath as well. Great cost.

-Ryan T.

I bought this vacuum because of the micro silver particles built into it that purify the air. When I turn it on, I don't get a whiff of old nasty dust that was building up in the vacuum like with all my old vacuum cleaners.

-Joe S.

Just tried this vacuum out for the very first time and it has exceeded my expectations. We are the proud owners of 2 large Bernese Mountain Dogs that shed a tremendous amount. I turned it on and was instantly amazed at how quickly the hair vacuumed up and our house smells great! This is an amazing product and would highly recommend it to anyone!

-Susan P.


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